Your last notebook

August Sandgren has made a one-off venture away from boxes and that is The Notebook. The Notebook is personal, it is made from the most exquisite leather and it lasts a lifetime. It could therefore very well be your very last notebook. 

The idea was born as a way to use our left over leather from production of boxes, but as it became a popular item, we recently decided to make it a product in its own right and add it to our assortment.

To remain sustainable we went from using our own leftovers to also use residual leather from Sorensen Leather, Denmark's leading and most luxurious leather company. 

We do offer The Notebook in our standard assortment  our standard leather quality and colours  but the vast majority of our notebooks today, is made from residual leather from Sorensen Leather. From Sorensen we get the most exquisite leather that might be residual in regard to furniture production, but which is perfect for smaller items like The Notebook.

Due to the high quality leather used, we made The Notebook in a way that makes it possible to change the paper once the pages are written out. Any standard A5 paper-notebook will fit The Notebook. We also offer to deboss name, initials or monogram on the book, which jointly with the choice of materials and the functionality, makes The Notebook sustainable, ever lasting and personal. 

The Notebook is now in our assortment and you can find it in our webshop. It is also our corporate Christmas present proposal, so please do not hesitate to contact us on should you be interested in The Notebook for your or employees, leadership team or valued customers. 

Alternatively, you are welcome to visit us in Illums Bolighus on December 7th 2019, where we are making name and initial debossment free of charge, on any August Sandgren notebook or box purchased. 

We hope to hear from you or to meet you in Illums Bolighus.