Bespoke Offers for Companies That Care

We are frequently approached by companies in need of boxes for their office spaces, whether for personal use on each desk or for meeting rooms, holding items like pens, paper, remotes, and more. Sometimes, they request notebooks for their executive or sales teams. Additionally, hotels and restaurants often reach out to us for personalised boxes in their hotel rooms—providing a personal touch for guests—small jewellery trays for their spas, menu cards, or other leather goods for their rooms and dining areas.

When companies, hotels, and other organisations value their spaces and the quality and feel of the items within, we want to assist. Hence, we frequently create bespoke items tailored to their needs. Typically, it's an object already in our assortment, where the company has the freedom to select the leather quality, colour, or fabric that aligns with their unique aesthetic.

In practical terms:

  • Minimum quantity for crafting a bespoke version of one of our existing designs ranges from 25 to 50 units, depending on the size and complexity of the object.
  • Prices remain comparable to our retail prices, with a 20-40% discount provided based on the volume.
  • Sampling is usually unnecessary, and the production time is 4-6 weeks. However, we always strive to meet specific deadlines.
  • All leather items can be debossed with logos, text, or names to add a corporate and personal touch.

Apart from bespoke corporate productions, we also cater to our corporate customers seeking gifts – be it for colleagues or customers anniversaries or during the Christmas season. While we may not be the immediate choice for entire corporations, we present a very elegant and personal choice for important clients and executive leadership teams.

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A box for pen, paper and remotes
on your meeting room table

A box for business cards,
brochures or chocolate
in your lobby or reception area

A box for personal objects
on your desk

A personalised notebook that lasts a lifetime
and make you look professional in client meetings

A jewel tray for the spa to store
watches, jewels and other valuables while in treatment

A box for your personal belongings
at the bedside table in your hotel room