Finally, they are here!

The long awaited Watchbox, made in collaboration with watch-expert Kristian Haagen, will arrive in stock next week and is now available to purchase in our webshop.
Not only has the Watchbox for 9 wrist-watches arrived, we also strived to get our small Watchbox for 3 pieces ready and it is therefore available in our webshop.  
It has been a long Journey to get the Watchbox ready. The design was ready over a year ago, but the closure mechanism was not. In our standard boxes we use magnets as a closure, but as magnets interfere with the mechanical watches, we had to source another solution for our Watchboxes. We wanted to keep the designs pure and simple, just like our standard assortment boxes, so we fell in love with a beautiful brass snap button. The only challenge was, that it did not exist, and we therefore had it custom-made especially for the Watchbox. The male part of the snap button is a well-known round button studs, but the female part did not exist. We were looking everywhere for a hidden 100% brass female part that is almost invisible but at the same time has a strong closure to keep the watches inside the box safe. Finally, we managed to find a great Italian producer specialising in metal locks and buttons, and they made the perfect snap button for us.
It has been a year since we realised the magnet issue until we had the final Watchbox ready for production. We believe the result is amazing and we hope you will cherish the box as much as the watches inside of it – and as much as we do.