A heritage brand updated to de-clutter the modern home, office and mind

In an era of clutter and chaos, August Sandgren provides unique handcrafted storage objects for all your small piles of clutter. It is a modern company built on old traditions, carving its way in a world marked by our constant quest for progress; a quest, which puts our planet and its inhabitants under increased pressure. More often than not, we lose valued traditions in the process. Some, fortunately, lay dormant until rediscovered; transferred to our modern-day mindset to prove the idea that old crafts still hold value and might even teach us a thing or two about quality and sustainability. August Sandgren is one such tradition, adapted to suit the modern lifestyle.

August Sandgren is elegant modern storage solutions

Reminiscent of the early twentieth century, the company was revived when the legacy of August Sandgren was discovered. His impeccable work as a bookbinder and box-maker was re-imagined in today’s need for storage solutions. The patterns, materials and tools of the former supplier to the Danish court, were left over from the original company, and alongside its strong values and craftsmanship, adopted to build an innovative and remarkable company. In its modern-day vision, as imagined by founder Pia Kirkesov Andersen, August Sandgren designs and handcrafts storage objects for all our physical belongings. In an increasingly virtual reality, where storage is largely associated with “the cloud”, we tend to forget our physical reality, inevitably and unwittingly creating clutter. August Sandgreen meets the need of people who care not only about the neatness of their physical surroundings, but its aesthetical value too. We all need storage solutions, and many of us are investing more in interior and décor than ever before, but it is almost impossible to find beautiful storage objects fit for a modern home. We firmly believe August Sandgren solves that.

August Sandgren is a legacy of bookbinding and box-making

Pointing back in time to a bygone era of craftsmanship, the company today builds on the original Sandgren, who had a short life span, even for his time (1893-1934). During his few years, he lived with curiosity, passion and accomplishment; and was never too proud to learn from others. More than anything, he believed in doing the right thing. Astonishingly, Sandgren’s way of life and his vision was not only ahead of its time, it feels almost like it was ahead of ours. As the preeminent bookbinder and box-maker of his era, he was renowned for quality, timelessness and functionality. Sandgren is recognized as one of the founders of Danish functionalism, amongst other pioneers within their respective fields; Kaare Klint, Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner, exhibited in Design Museum Denmark. His original creations of exceptional craft and with impeccable attention to detail are still sought after today, proving the fact that August Sandgren products last more than a lifetime.

August Sandgren is a strategy to elevate the use of surplus materials

The use of surplus materials is an effort to reduce waste and utilize materials already in existence. Not only is it better for the planet, but it also gives us access to materials of a quality much higher than otherwise available sourcing at the same price point. With surplus materials from executive members of the European furniture and fashion industry, we now have access to some of the best and most natural materials in the world. Merged with a design philosophy of simplicity and functionality, our surplus strategy has only strengthened the longevity of our products. The timelessness and beauty of an August Sandgren object remains intact, providing the best possible conditions for it to never be thrown away. In fact, the patina of time makes them just the more beautiful. In this way, August Sandgren is a promise to our planet.

August Sandgren is perfectly imperfect

Aesthetically, we believe in the idea that the small imperfections make all the difference. Not only because of what’s immediately available to the eye, simply because of all the reasons behind. Produced by a fourth-generation European family-owned company of exceptionally talented craftsmen, our products are all handcrafted. This, in combination with the use of surplus materials and the ambition to use entire materials, makes every product unique and calls for small natural marks and scratches and smaller irregularities of human touch. You’ll most likely never notice, but if you look for them, they are there. Increasingly and with guidance, people start to embrace and appreciate the personal marks as signs of a more natural and truthful way of living and creating.

August Sandgren is strong leadership

Directed by Pia Kirkeskov Andersen, who keeps the company on the right path, modern-day August Sandgren is built on values of respect, loyalty, collaboration and longevity. Freedom and structure go hand-in-hand in order to create alternatives to the so-called rat race. August Sandgren is made up of likeminded people, who support Pia’s ideals for a space that embraces learning, peacefulness and playfulness. Everything, we do, is a team effort. In every endeavor, we aim to be better each day; seeking out better ways of doing things whether in our partnerships, promise to the planet or daily operations. Pia herself sets a perfect example, having given up a safe career path with McKinsey for a passion project running a modern company creating beautiful functional objects to help other people de-clutter their homes, offices and minds.

August Sandgren is meaningful partnerships

Just like the original Sandgren, who perfected his artistry traveling Europe testing new ways of working and experimenting with other artisans, August Sandgren today believes strongly in partnering with exceptional people. With all our partnerships having different trajectories, we choose experts within their industries and we choose people whom we like. We believe in the philosophy that together we are stronger – a sum greater than its parts. We bring the frame, a box, and together, we fill it out, we co-brand it, and we create exceptional objects. In order to do so, we seek the same values in our partnerships that we live by internally: respect, loyalty, collaboration and longevity.

August Sandgren is peace of mind

Essentially, we make mess pretty. We seek to create harmony and beauty for all your small belongings that all carry in them a value but tend to either be momentarily lost or create islands of mess. In a chaotic world the need for quality and sustainable solutions that aesthetically leaves our minds at rest a focal point. Only that way can we create the inner tranquility that allows us to focus on the truly important things in life.