Partnerships with like-minded people

August Sandgren’s desire to co-create lives on today. Sandgren formed partnerships with renowned Danish artisans like Axel Salto, Kay Bojesen, Jais Nielsen and other applied artists, to create more functional, practical and beautiful products. After his death, The Sandgren Society was founded to allow experts in different artistic fields to meet and share knowledge. Today, by aiming to do the same, we not only pay respect to August Sandgren, we form valuable partnerships that can help us create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. We firmly believe this is how companies can achieve great things today.

This philosophy is best illustrated by our partnerships with:

Our object partnerships

Fredericia Furniture

Fredericia Furniture needs no introduction for those who knows their Danish design furniture. When we formed a partnership with Fredericia Furniture, we felt we had finally landed the right furniture partner. In Fredericia we have found a partner who shares our values and ideals, and who engage in partnerships the same way we do. Being par of the Frederica Furniture collection, with objects made from their exquisite surplus materials is a honor, and we are humble and proud to work with the amazing Fredericia Furniture team.
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The Chessboardbox with Robbe & Berking

Robbe & Berking is one of the world’s finest silverware manufactures and a top-ranked German luxury brand. The German silverware brand today is run by Mr. Oliver Berking, 5th generation to run the company. Like us, they believe in near-sourcing, and they produce all their silverware in their factory facility and hometown of Flensburg. Apart from being a very professional run company with a fantastic heritage, design and quality, they are the most modest and an excellent team to work with. We are proud to partner with them on the chess game box for their recently launched 'world’s finest' chess game made in platinum and pure gold.
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The N-BB01 box with Karimoku Case Study

The design and Karimoku Case Study’s unparalleled attention to details both with the design team, the operations team, and the production team, makes this partnership unique. The notion of, and devotion to, the fact that good things take time – good products are handmade and are made from natural materials – is an amazing push to get from a partner. However, above everything the people we have met at Karimoku in Japan and at Norm in Denmark, are people we admire and love to work with. The N-BB01 (Karimoku Case Study box) is the prove of the power of this partnership– a beautiful Japanese oak wood frame paired with the most amazing Scandinavian leather cover. A true object.

Josephine / File under Pop

Josefine A Hoffmeyer, founder of File Under Pop, knows a thing or two about colours and materials. We therefore approached her, to ask if she would select a fabric and matching leather colours for our Limited Edition. Not only were we impressed by her choice - the result is outstanding, but we were also deeply enchanted by her creative and kind nature. The Limited Edition was only the starting point for our collaboration.

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Thomas Lykke / OEO

We were a bit starstruck when Thomas Lykke, Creative Director of OEO Studio, based in Copenhagen and Tokyo, called us to accept our request for him to choose a fabric for our Limited Edition. We have admired OEO and Thomas's work from a distance for years, and always been impressed by the aesthetics of their work. Meeting Thomas and Anne-Marie, his partner in business, we were amazed by their humbleness and their friendly and helpful nature. We get inspired every time we meet and the Limited Edition in Hosoo fabrics is unforgettable.

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The Liquoricebox with Lakrids by Bulow

For the Danes, Johan Bulow needs little introduction. He took our old-school national sweet and made it modern and internationally appealing. What Johan and his team have created is amazing – a true entrepreneurial adventure spun around a great and unique idea. We are proud to have worked with them on a box for the launch of one of their most recent liquorice additions i.e., The Liquorice-stick.

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The Whiskeybox with Copenhagen Distillery

When Copenhagen Distillery launched their first ever single malt whiskey to the world, it was wrapped in an August Sandgren box. The whiskey is the first ever whiskey distilled in Copenhagen, it has been five years in the making and not one part of the product and the launch was left for coincidence. The whiskey itself is world class, it is bottled in beautiful mouth-blown bottles from Holmegaard, and it is then protected by our box. We are honoured to be selected to protect such A perfectionistic passion product. We normally do not like whiskey, but this one we do, as much as we like the team behind it.
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The Watchbox with Kristian Haagen

In partnership with Kristian Haagen, the most recognised watch specialist in Scandinavia, we have crafted an aesthetic leather - suede Watchbox. Kristian has a lifelong passion for wristwatches and he travels the world to visit manufacturers, interview designers and consult with some of the most influential brands in the industry. For years he worked as a watch specialist for the renowned Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers in Copenhagen, where you can also be lucky to find some of August Sandgren’s original work from time to time. With Kristian (comma) we have crafted the most elegant and tactile watch box. It is simply beautiful, thanks to Kristian.
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SPOOR offers a new level of sustainability and animal welfare in leather production, and we are proud to partner with them and their great and energetic team. With SPOOR leather we have crafted a limited edition that is traceable back to the individual Danish free-range cow - a way to further secure the origin and sustainability of our materials. With August Sandgren’s ambition to choose the best and most sustainable materials possible and a vision of craftsmanship and quality, SPOOR was an obvious choice.

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The Teabox with A.C. Perch

With A.C. Perch we crafted an exclusive tea box in (100%) aniline leather. The Teabox turned out beautiful – a true tactile alternative to the more common wooden tea boxes. We are truly proud of this partnership with one of the oldest and most respected Danish brands, and we highly appreciate the collaboration and the great people gallery we have met inside the A.C. Perch family.

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The Audo X August Sandgren

The Audo opened in May 2019 and since then it has been a unique being-place in Copenhagen with the most beautiful hotel rooms, inspiring meeting spots, a perfectly curated concept store and their most recent addition, a great café and restaurant. The Audo was designed by Norm Architects and we were honoured to be chosen as their box-partner. Consequently we have crafted boxes, holders and covers for their rooms and for their concept store. We love the atmosphere they have created and we use the space as the second home to our brand. A place we are proud to be a part of.

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Rue Verte X August Sandgren

The very first week we launched the new storage object assortment from August Sandgren we met with Rue Verte. They immediately appreciated our boxes as we – for years – have admired their beautiful curated universe. With Rue Verte we crafted a bespoke box in nubuck which makes it a perfect fit with their elegant and exclusive universe and an overall beautiful and elegant storage object. The Rue Verte box is one of our bestselling units likely due to the unique combination of a very simple design and its tactile, decadent and warm material and colour.

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Tom Dixon X August Sandgren

Tom Dixon needs little introduction among furniture and interior designers. His style is unique and his universe always alluring. When Tom and his team designed a digitally printed leather with the image of crumpled foil, we were lucky to craft boxes from it for The Coal Office in London and for The Manzoni in Milan. The boxes are the most visually mind-twisting we made to date – and they were the early inspiration for our Limited Edition as the Tom Dixon creation made us realise how fundamentally different the same box looks in different materials and colours.

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Laksen X August Sandgren

We met Laksen through a joint acquaintance and was invited to make a box for their first ever watch launch in Q1, 2020. We were persuaded by their passion for hunting, original Scottish tweed and the modern, down-to-earth interpretation of a hunter-watch. The watch is amazing which is proven by the prompt sell-out and we are proud to be part of the journey with them.

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DFD X August Sandgren

When born we are all dressed in their textiles at the hospital, we dry our dishes in their dish cloth and we certainly have all eaten at restaurants where the tables are made with their table cloth and napkins. When their textiles retire from their primary use, we make boxes and notebooks from them. We find it meaningful and cult to use these textiles as they have so much strength left and so much sentimental value to all Danes.

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Darling Creative Studio

When Uffe Buchard and Jens Loekke want to create a Limited Edition with you, you say yes. Working with them is always a pleasure. What we love about them is their ability to truly understand the brand they work with, whether it is the most renowned Danish furniture classic or IKEA. Somehow, they always manage to combine fashion and design – modern and classic in the exact right proportions. And they always sprinkle it with a bit of stardust on top. We have worked with The Darling since the opening of their guesthouse in 2020, which developed into a Limited Edition co-lab and now a table-setting-collection too. Who knows what comes next?

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Marianne Tromborg

Tromborg is a leading Scandinavian make-up brand run by Marianne Tromborg – an impressive woman with a great collection of organic makeup. We were beyond happy to co-create The Make-up Pouch with her and her team. The result is just great! Finally, an elegant, no-nonsense and high-quality pouch for your make-up when out and about – or as a storage object at home. The pouch is perfect for make-up artists, women with a smaller but important make-up collection or for the girl who is building her first make-up kit. Made in durable leather and with dedicated space for the most important make-up objects, the solution is functional as well as elegant.

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Pemberly Fox

Pia, our CEO, loves stationery. So, when Anthony, the owner and CEO of British Pemberly Fox, approached her and asked if we wanted to do a co-lab with him, the answer was yes. This became a beautiful collection of personalised stationery in a box. You purchase it through Pemberly Fox, where you design your card, paper and envelopes on paper made from recycled coffee cups, and then match your stationery with a box. The set is perfect for any desk and any person who still takes the time to write personal notes and thank you cards … or who should!

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The Jewellery Room

We truly value Charlotte and Pernille from The Jewellery Room, so when we wanted to design the perfect jewellery travel pouch, we knew exactly who we wanted as our co-lab partners. As with our watchbox collection, co-designed with watch-expert, Kristian Haagen, we wanted an expert to help us design our jewel-on-the-go pouch. It was important for us to make sure expertise was built into the object itself and that the needs of the jewellery owner were met. We could not have asked for better partners and we are happy with every piece of feedback they provided. The object is incredibly functional, and it is elegant and tactile too.

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Our valued network of collaborators

Designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto

We think Øivind is one of the most talented and renowned designers in Denmark, and we are proud to have him as a friend, an inspiration and a partner. Øivind is the designer behind some of the upcoming August Sandgren boxes as he understands our heritage and designs with the same simplicity yet generosity as August would have. Øivind always tries to find simple, obvious but poetic solutions. He is educated at the Danish Design Academy and studied at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory.

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Designer Mads Kjædegaard & Martin Larsen

It is rare you meet this level of "ordentlighed" as we say in Danish – a word hard to translate, but which covers a combination of proper, pure heart and integrity. We found that – combined with an impressive and humble design talent – when we met Mads and Martin. The in-official duo have worked with us in designing and crafting a shelf for our Workbox. It became much more than that, it became a design direction, a standalone concept and object, and another partnership we value deeply.

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Olivia Chylinski, The Brown Paper Movement

It was easy for us to identify the right partner to help us design and craft the paper notebook sold with our leather notebook cover. From the first meeting we were enchanted by Olivia's genuine passion for paper and paper objects - no detail is too small to consider, and no solution is half-made. Impressive. To that you can add Olivia's great and kind personality. Jointly this makes it impossible not to value the partnership and her thoroughly thought through functional, sustainable and beautiful notebook design has become an object in its own right.

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Designer Margrethe Odgaard

It is impossible not to feel inspired when talking to Margrethe – both due to her personality and her impressive talent for colours and patterns. We were lucky to meet her on a day, where she felt generous and therefore agreed to collaborate with us on the colours and patterns of the Bookbox and some of our upcoming designs. Margrethe is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2005 and with further studies at the Rhode Island School of Design in the United States.

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Designer Anne Heinsvig

In case you don’t know Anne Heinsvig, you can look forward to meeting her creative mind, energetic personality and positive attitude. She is originally educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, the Department for Industrial Design. Since then, she has worked with Corporate Interior Design, Furniture Design as well as Product Design. Previously she worked for and designed for Today she is one of the partners at RITA Arch.

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Sorensen Leather

We cherish our partnership with Sorensen Leather. They are the source of leather for iconic designs in private collections and museums around the globe. The high quality of their leather makes our boxes even more beautiful and durable. Louise, Mads and the entire team are great to be around and we share a strong synergy in our approach.

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Kvadrat shares the same passion for craftsmanship, quality and design as we do. It is amongst the most impressive family-owned businesses with a visionary leader and a strong team. That is why we use their materials for our textile products.

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Co'libri Bookbindery

Malene Lerager is a rare human being. She is so talented, a perfectionist, modern and humble. We love entering her workshop in Copenhagen where you step back to a time where true craftsmanship existed. The old bookbindery now run by Malene, crafts some of the most beautiful bookbinding’s in Denmark and she has won several prizes for her work.

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