Since the very beginning, August Sandgren has created products based on thorough craftsmanship designed with timeless aesthetics. Combined with the company’s current commitment to using surplus materials, August Sandgren offers a much needed analogue experience wrapped in a conscious mindset that is in perfect sync with The Comarché’s selection criteria.

The Comarche Framework x August Sandgren

The Comarché Framework is a screening tool used to identify truly sustainable brands. The framework simplifies the process of uncovering conscious brands and aids in navigating the complexity of sustainability. It ensures transparency in a world where sustainability is becoming an increasingly complex matter and comes in many shades, labels, and agendas

The Comarché Framework is built on certification schemes and information provided by August Sandgren or researched independently by us.

The Comarché Framework


Sustainability icons assigned on Brand Level for August Sandgren


Long Product Life Cycle

When a product is designed to last, there is no need to buy new and we are thus able to cut down on our consumption of it.

Grounds for achievement:
Made from high-quality, durable materials, all products from August Sandgren are sure to stand the test of time and, thus, can be handed down from generation to generation. Moreover, the timeless and classic design line steers clear of one-hit-wonders and fading trends. This underlines the August Sandgreen approach to designing and manufacturing products that will continue to stay relevant from now until forever.


Material & Material Extraction

Upcycled Materials

Indicates that the product has been made from upcycled materials which means that you take a material a give it a new function.

Grounds for achievement:
Around 60% of August Sandgren’s products are made from upcycled materials from the furniture and fashion industry.

Natural Materials

Indicates that the product is made from natural materials.

Grounds for achievement:
All of August Sandgren’s products are made from natural materials in the form of wood, leather or textile. The materials are either upcycled or OEKO-TEX certified or made from natural fibres.

Durable Material

Indicates that the product is made from a durable material which will increase the longevity of the product lifecycle. In turn, this helps limit our need for buying new.

Grounds for achievement:
Due to the high quality of materials used for August Sandgren’s products, all products are made from durable materials with a long lifetime value.

Conscious Leather

Indicates that the product is made from either a vegetable or fruit based leather base or, alternatively, made from leftover leather from other industries. This can also be vegetable tanned leather.

Grounds for achievement:
August Sandgren only works with the best leather qualities. Some are from the renowned Danish leather supplier, Sørensen Leather, others are directly traceable from farm to finished product e.g., SPOOR and others again are simply surplus quantities from the furniture industry.


Material Transport

Local Material

This indicates that the material used is locally sourced and thus requires zero or very little transportation to production site.

Grounds for achievement:
Besides from the leather or fabric itself, all remaining parts used for the August Sandgren products are sourced locally in Portugal where the products are made. The conscious outcome: The shortest possible distance from part to finished product and heavily reduced CO2 emission along the way.




This indicates that the product is handmade.

Grounds for achievement:
All August Sandgren products are handmade in a workshop in Portugal.



Sustainable Packaging

This indicates that a brand has actively sought to out sustainable packaging for its products. It might be made from recycled materials, upcycled materials or new innovative sustainable materials the have the right capabilities to match the requirement for the product.

Grounds for achievement:
All AS packaging is made from either left-over textiles (the nicely designed totes), recycled cardboard or biodegradable plastic (shipping bags only).



Local Material

This indicates that the material used is local and thus requires very little transportation to distribute.

Grounds for achievement:
In an effort to further reduce impact, AS has recently moved its entire warehouse to the town of Porto, Portugal, where the final assembly of the products takes place. Once again, this minimizes distance travelled also for the final product and ensures that the AS products (primarily sold in Europe) will travel the shortest distance possible.



Careguides provided

This indicates that specific care guides are provided for a certain product.

Grounds for achievement:
All August Sandgren products come with tips & tricks on how to prolong the life of your recently purchased product.

Repair Options

This indicates that the brand offers repair options for one or all products.

Grounds for achievement:
AS offers full repair service for all products in order to increase the overall lifetime value of their designs.