The Notebook can hold all your ideas, scribbles and mind-clutter, or maybe even the first chapters of a novel? The Notebook is made to last forever, with changeable paper inside, making it a sustainable choice. It comes with the first paper notebook inside, which can be replaced with most standard A5 paper.

The very first Notebooks were made from left-over leathers that we had in stock and was also our first venture away from boxes. We did it to use our left-overs and because we needed a beautiful storage object for our best ideas. Today, we continue making The Notebook in surplus leather from our own and other’s production.

The Notebook is a cover made from exquisite surplus aniline leather from Sorensen Leather and comes in neutral colours like black, grey, cognac and sand. The nuances may vary from the images, depending on the surplus materials available, it can be a bit lighter or darker. That’s one of the many charms of surplus materials.