The Bookbox was the first of August Sandgren’s aesthetic storage boxes and is now our bestselling box. Its design dates back to August Sandgren himself, and has since achieved iconic status. It comes in leather and fabric versions, both useful at home and in the office for smaller and larger piles of clutter. The leather Booxbox is made from either surplus materials from exclusive members of the furniture and fashion industry or from oeko-tex-certified leather. The leather is always of the highest standard and either aniline or semi-aniline.

The surplus collection comes in shades of black, grey and cognac, but as we use surplus materials not two batches are the same. That is the beauty of working with surplus materials – the small variations.

The fabric Bookbox is Limited Edition runs, with fabrics chosen by a designer who we admire. Picking from renowned and respected fabric brands, our Limited Edition collaborations always create wonders. It is storage objects that we cannot help but make because the fabrics create magical results – it serves similar purposes as that of a piece of art or a colourful cushion.

Made in limited numbers, it will change every 12-18 months, so falling in love with our Limited Editions, means you’ll have to get it while it is available.