Save a small business by paying it forward...

When COVID-19 became serious in Europe a few weeks back and sales stagnated over night, a good acquaintance of mine decided to purchase one of our boxes online. He maybe needed a box, but after a week with no online sales, it felt like a smile was sent via our webshop.

It felt so considerate and sparked my belief in a bright future much above the amount purchased for. Therefore, I decided to pay it forward by supporting some of my own favorite entrepreneurs. The next day I purchased tea for myself from Cocoon Tea Artisans, sparkling tea for my mother from Copenhagen Sparkling Tea and an early Christmas present for my daughter from The Jewellery Room

One purchase will not save my – or anyone's – business in this current global business vacuum, but it helps, and many small individual purchases can make a difference.

Therefore, I encourage all of you, as a business or as a private household, to support an entrepreneur during the coming weeks and months simply by purchasing one of their products or services – today!

Every contribution matters and we will all deli ver – even over perform and in addition be forever thankful.

To make it a bit more attractive to support August Sandgren we decided to run a 'save a small business' campaign. Therefore, until April 1st 2020 we offer 25%-off all purchases in our webshop.

Pay it forward… #saveasmallbusiness