Copenhagen Distillery & August Sandgren

A few weeks back Copenhagen Distillery launched their first single malt whiskey to the world. The launch was a great success and the whiskey has received very positive reviews from everyone who have had the pleasure of tasting it. It is a true world class whiskey and the first ever Copenhagen whiskey.

We are therefore also extremely proud to partner with Copenhagen Distillery to create the box that protects the whiskey. 

About the box

The box for Copenhagen Distillery is made in a traditional Bookbox design, our signature design and a design that dates back to our founder, August Sandgren 100 years ago. In 1920 the book box was crafted to protect the most precious books e.g., The Bible and other rare and valuable books. The Bookbox is the foundation for a lot of our partnership developments, where we often change the size, the materials and the colours but often end up keeping the basic design of The Bookbox. Although we gladly change the design in each partnership, The Bookbox design is often selected, because of its simplicity, functionality and aesthetics.

For Copenhagen Distillery we wanted to make a packaging that would be an object in itself and something the customer would notice and likely use even after the whiskey bottle is empty. The Bookbox was therefore a great foundation for the development. We made the boxes after the dimensions of the beautiful mouth blown bottles from Holmegaard and we crafted a simple inlay to make sure the bottles were fixated in the box. The exterior material chosen is a new wool textile from Kvadrat (REMIX2) as we wanted the look to be rough but sophisticated. The Kvadrat textile offers that. It is an upholstery textile that is most often used on furniture and it therefore has a strength and durability to it. The wool fibers in different colours of thread make the textile look natural, a bit rough but still elegant. The interior is made from a dark green aniline leather from Spain which has a beautiful finish that will get patina over time but which will have some resistance to everyday use. The structure of the box is build up in wood. 

The sustainability part of the box is the durability of the design and the craftsmanship. We believe in building boxes out of natural materials that last for a lifetime, or longer, which is our belief that this is the best way to be sustainable. However, in our standard collection of boxes, and in some of our partnerships, we work 100% in upcycled materials for the exterior and interior of the box. This is a strategic decision we made at the end of last year and we are currently implementing this decision in the way we work today. We are doing this because it feels right but also because we realised that there are an enormous amount of unused - dead-stock - high quality and very beautiful materials in the fashion and furniture industry that is currently being scrapped but which has a great upcycle value to it. The fashion and furniture industry are ready to change and we love to support these industries on that journey and do what we can to utilise existing materials instead of causing new production.

About August Sandgren

August Sandgren demanded himself to always craft his objects in high quality, with a simplicity that allowed for the craftsmanship to stand out and with a modernity in terms of always challenging himself to do what was right in the moment and in the time he lived in. This way of being was what inspired us to continue the business and it is what we aim to continue. We therefore design and produce all our boxes in Europe after the old craftsmanship methods but we also try to help protect our planet by designing and producing as sustainable as we can - because that is the right thing to do today.

To read more about the whiskey, our box and the collaboration in general please read the small write-up by Luxe Packaging