Ready for summer?

Our on the go objects are simple, functional and modern. They are items we use all the time, but make perfect companions for travel too.

Megatote, Washbag, Notebook, Keyring and PC Cover make up our on-the-go collection. They will keep your essential belongings safe when moving around and traveling. Bring them on vacation, to the office or for a day by the sea.

We crafted the on-the-go objects because we needed the collection ourselves, but couldn't find the functionality, durability, and aesthetics we were looking for in the market. Each of our on-the-go objects are therefore a little bit different. The Megatote is truly large, The Washbag has removable and washable lining, The Notebook has changeable paper and The Keyring is made to hang around your neck and look good while doing so.  

We wish you a great start to your summer!