3 Days of Design in Copenhagen, June 15-17th

This year, we are celebrating 3 Days of Design with multiple experiences centered around our new launches, from a craftsmanship tribute made in collaboration with Kjelleup Væveri and SPOOR Leather to a new colour collection inspired by our work with H+O i.e., Josephine A Hoffmeyer to our new office set and a special collection with Dedar. Not to forget our on-the-go additions.


Kjellerup x SPOOR x August Sandgren - three Danish heritage companies; the last weaving house, the last tannery, and the last box-maker, have come together to call back the old virtues in local Scandinavian production – adapted to modern ways and customer demands. The result is a limited edition made from the most elegant woven fabric and 100% traceable leather, crafted by hand into a collection of boxes. The limited edition can be explored at our main exhibition, where you can also view our standard assortment at Designmuseum Denmark, Villa, Bredgade 74.


The Colour Collection – a tribute to freedom and happiness and inspired by the work we did with Josephine A Hoffmeyer last year at Salone in Milan. For H+O's installation in Via Solferino curated by Josepine, we developed a collection of colourful objects. The response from visitors was overwhelmingly positive, and we have now made the most popular colours part of our assortment. The colour collection in green, saffron and terracotta light up any room, and is made from aniline oekotex-certified leather. They can be viewed at Designmuseum Denmark, Villa, Bredgade 74.


The Office Set - a result of consistent customer demand, the Office Set is finally here. We are proud to present the set consisting of a deskmat, a penholder, a medium box, a paper-bin, a notebook and a pencil case. Like the colour collection, the Office Set is made from aniline oekotex-certified leather, and we are excited to exhibit it on the beautiful Nyhavn desk in House of Finn Juhl's showroom, Gothersgade 9. 


The bespoke Dedar fabric collection - again this year, we have crafted a small collection of bespoke boxes in fabric from Italian Dedar, and this year – if possible – we love them even more than last year. In total there are 20 boxes and not one of them is the same. The boxes, in multiple colours and patterns, can be see at The Audo, Aarhusgade 130, Nordhavn.


During the design days we will mainly be at our main exhibition at Designmuseum Denmark. If you are interested in more than browsing, please do reach out to asg@augustsandgren.com to set up a meeting. If not in Copenhagen the boxes can be seen online over the next couple of months.