Back to the office

This month, our focus is on your office - your home office or your corporate office space. 

It is our hope that with your extra energy after a long and relaxed summer, it is time to tidy up your office space - to organise it and declutter. 

After several requests we have therefore crafted an office set consisting of a desk-mat, a pen-holder, a paper-bin, a box, a notebook and a small elegant pencil case. The office set is made to help you organise and declutter your office in an elegant way - and can easily be combined with our other storage objects like the large bookbox or the magazineholder (often used for document storage and archiving). 

The office set is, as our other objects, made from the most exquisite leather – in this case it is a terracotta red oekotex-certified leather.

The office set is now available online.