Transform your favourite piece of cloth into an object to keep forever

We are pleased to introduce a truly unique opportunity to you. Earlier this year, we introduced the concept when we gave selected Danish fashion brands the opportunity to transform an iconic piece of cloth into an August Sandgren object (image). The objects crafted were absolutely stunning and consequently they were in high demand.
Therefore, 10 lucky people will now get the chance to purchase their own unique object from August Sandgren made from their own favourite shirt, dress, tablecloth, or any other piece of fabric with sentimental value.

All you have to do is send an image of your favourite piece of fabric alongside a short description of why this is important to you. We will select 10 pieces based on our favourite stories and adaptability to the object.
Normally, it is unheard of to produce single items from individual pieces of cloth, which makes this a one-off chance. You will pay the usual price for your selected object: Bookbox medium 1.995 DKK, Notebook 1.295 DKK or Keyring 565 DKK, but nothing for the unique production line we set up for you.

It is our pleasure to bring your memories to (new) life. 

(This opportunity also makes for the perfect Christmas gift, which is why the deadline for sending in your image and story is October 21st).


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