Uffe Buchard X August Sandgren

Craftmanship is at the core of all Danish heritage design whether it’s furniture, lamps or small design objects. Including August Sandgren. 

In our new co-lab with Uffe Buchard and The Darling we have taken Danish heritage and craftsmanship to an ultimate level as the design is Danish – by Uffe Buchard, the fabric is Danish – by Kjellerup Waving mill, and the leather is from a Danish leather house – Sørensen Leather.

The result is genuine and truly elegant.

Kjellerup Væveri, a Danish textile manufacturer, was founded in 1950, they create wonderful locally produced textiles always in the most elegant and durable quality. Sørensen Leather, established by Arne Sørensen in 1973, built the business in Denmark based on Arne's access to the highest quality leather. 

The box has been assembled by hand in Portugal by August Sandgren’s proud manufacturer. 

It is our true pleasure to launch this box with Uffe and The Darling – it is a box that has already moved into our home as it is simply a true piece of Danish craftsmanship. 

The box comes in two sizes and is now available at The Darlings webshop, link just below.

Uffe Buchard box #1 (fusion)

Uffe Buchard box #2 (medium)