Jewel-on-the-go – a unique and transportable solution for our most valuable belongings

In collaboration with The Jewellery Room, August Sandgren presents the latest addition in their product portfolio: Jewel-on-the-go, a unique and practical pouch developed specifically for jewellery.

To many of us, jewellery is our most valued belongings, but often they end up in bowls and drawers, and in small bags, when traveling. Many of us have wished for a way to carry our jewellery on the go – whether when traveling or as a secure place to store our pieces when we work out. August Sandgren has designed a new solution for that purpose. The new object from August Sandgren is a transportable pouch, a Jewellery equivalent to our transportable object for watches. It is named Jewel-on-the-go.

Its name explains its purpose, and like Watch-on-the-go, the newest object is created in collaboration with experts in the field. In this case, August Sandgren has worked closely with jewellery designers and experts in creating a practical, functional, and beautiful object with dedicated parts for necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, and earrings.

From the early design development, The Jewellery Room has been an important partner. In collaboration, the two will launch the new Jewel-on-the-go in April, when it can be purchased exclusively on and August Sandgren’s own website.

Jewel-on-the-go is created in Duet leather from Sørensen – a double-sided leather. It is innovative exactly because of the two sides – one in soft nubuck and the other in a rustic suede. To be able to create a leather where both sides are usable is nothing less than spectacular. Additionally, Sørensen has collaborated with recognized British designer, Tom Dixon, who has developed the colour scheme. Initially, August Sandgren’s new object will be available in mist green and mink. The colours are created with the intention that patination makes the colours and the leather more beautiful – in line with August Sandgren’s ideas about longevity.

The ambition with Jewel-on-the-go is to introduce a product unlike anything available in the market – a must-have for both men and women. With the aesthetic storage object, August Sandgren now offers a transportable solution that matches our most precious belongings – our jewellery.

August Sandgren is recognized for their aesthetic storage solutions and is particularly well-known for their modern jewellery box, which