Today, below press release went out to the Italian press as we have made a co-lab with Italian jewelry brand EROINA999. EROINA999 is not a big brand, but it will be, because their jewelries offer something new, they are a perfect mix of elegant and funky - a combination we love!

EROINA999 explores new ways for jewelry and design to interact and is partnering with prestigious Danish brand AUGUST SANDGREN to create an exclusive bespoke Made-To-Oder JewelBox. Eroina999 creates sophisticated made in Italy jewels in 18k gold, blending modernity with traditional techniques and savoir-faire. Every single design is created with absolute freedom to magnify beauty and personality of that who wears it.

Using time-honored genuine craftmanship, for more than 100-years AUGUST SANDGREN is creating boxes handmade of the finest natural materials. These exquisite boxes meet today’s demand for storage and gives every little pile of clutter in your house or office a beautiful place to call home. The leather box encapsulates the originality of thought and design expertise of both brands. Its name ‘The Bookbox’, takes its origin from the beautiful old book-boxes, in which people would place their most valuable books to take extra good care of them. The JewelBox is the small version of the Bookbox featuring a ring inlay inside, all realized in exquisite quality suede leather.

Very simple in look and feel, the EROINA999 | AUGUST SANDGREN JewelBox is a true Danish design inspiration, made for the modern, cool yet feminine woman. Dimensions: 19 x 16 x 4.5 cm (A6 in internal measures) The exclusive Jewelry Box, which is available in supple black suede leather, features the collab logo placement, discretely blind debossed inside the lid without colour, to make it personal in an elegant and timeless manner. Furthermore, the box can be personalised with engravings of initials, name, monogram or dates on the top of the lid of the box. Exactly as each jewelry piece of Eroina999, which can be customized with lasered prints to reflect your own personal style. A perfect gift or simply a beautiful storage solutions for your life’s little things, the new EROINA999|AUGUST SANDGREN JewelBox is available to order exclusively online at as of May 31st or through the beauty concept store in Milan BahamaMama, Viale Col di Lana 1.

About EROINA999: An all Italian story of female entrepreneurship that brings together rebellion and elegance and exhibits them without bounds. The quintessence of EROINA 999 originates from this philosophy. The result of two self-identifying Milanese women’s creativity: Gaia Venuti, a Tuscan of origin and former founder of Bahama Mama, Gaia Home Project and IANUA and Margherita Picardi, born in Venice, goldsmith and jewellery designer with vast experience of metal techniques and wax casting, creative director and founder of Mapi jewelry. The name, Eroina 999, is formed of the contrasting union of a word and a number: Eroina (heroin) and 999. Heroin - in the positive sense of the term - a sought-after and desired addiction. Eroina which above all describes the unique experience of every woman who is always her own protagonist, rebellious, indomitable, sometimes narcissistic but indisputably attractive. 999 as the highest purity of gold. Handcrafted jewelry, only ever made in Italy, characterized by the uniqueness of its cut, created by the precious hands of local artisans. The pieces are designed to be worn all together, for a seasonless look destined to last over time.

About AUGUST SANDGREN: August Sandgren (1893-1934) was a pioneer and renowned Danish bookbinder and box-maker, whose eponymous company, founded in 1920 and today owned by Pia Kirkeskov Andersen, still masters the art of traditional box making and manufacture top-quality leather products using traditional methods and processes. The storage objects designed in wood, leather and fabric are all terrific example of August Sandgren’s ongoing dedication to craftsmanship and the skill of combining functionality and aesthetics in a modest manner. Most of the company’s work is made in exclusive partnership with likeminded companies – sharing the same values, attitude and positioning.

Purchase your EROINA999 | AUGUST SANDGREN Jewelbox here.