COMING SOON: The Officebox

Based on hundreds of user surveys, expert input and the talented designer, Oivind Slaatto, the Officebox has been masterfully crafted to fulfill all functional needs the modern employee has for storage. The Officebox is made for office environments with "flexible seating". It is functional and easy to transport around the office and in addition, it is a highly aesthetic solution.

With the option to deboss your name on the leather handle and put your to-do list or a picture of your family inside the lid, The Officebox offers a warm, tactile and personal space in the otherwise often impersonal office environment.

The Officebox should be placed in a simple shelf system in a central area of the office e.g., close to main entrance, for the employees to have easy access regardless where they sit in the office. The Officebox is lockable to make it safe to leave valuables behind e.g., PC, phone, contracts, confidential papers, personal belongings. The Officebox is made in Portugal in natural sustainable materials i.e., leather and wool textile.

Today we have the final sample of The Officebox completed and we are now preparing for production. If you are interested in The Officebox, please email us on