Cherish your most precious memories with our new Photobook

We just launched our newest object: The Photoalbum. Created for you to cherish all your most important memories - in a beautiful, simple and modern way.

In a digital age, it feels unique to print out photos, and we know nothing better than to browse through a photo album instead of scrolling on the phone. Therefore, we just launched our new photo album - simple, modern and stylish. It is a storage object to keep your most important memories safe.

Surely, most of us remember the feeling of browsing through a photo album from childhood, and the happiness from having all the memories collected in one place. It is exciting to revisit the past this way. Maybe you already have albums on your shelf - from your own or your children's childhoods.

Even if the photo album is an old school thing, the object itself does not need to be. Our photo album is not only beautiful, it is made from surplus leather, and fits perfectly in a modern home. On the front of the album, we can deboss text, names, logo, or monogram into the leather to make it extra personal. A personalised keeper of your most important, printed, memories for them to never crumple or fade.

The Photoalbum is A4 in size, and any A4 paper can be added to the album. This way you can have as many, or as few, photos stored in the album, as well as you can always add and deduct memories.

Shop our new photo album from today - for your own or someone else's memories. It makes for a perfect gift, filled up or as a clean slate for the receiver to decorate with memories.  

On Sunday, November 27th and 1st Sunday of Advent, The Photoalbum can be purhased with 30%-off as part of our one-off weekly Advent offer.