August Sandgren short-talk with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

We have spent some time talking to our customers – a selection of private customers and corporate partners – as we wanted to know, what they think about our storage objects, and how they use them.

Over the coming weeks we will share these short-talks with you, hoping they might inspire you.

Our first talk was with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, owner of Norm Architects, a person we truly respect and admire for his work.  


What August Sandgren object do you have?
I have their Notebook and a medium Bookbox and I have several of their other boxes on display in our office.

What do you store in your box?
My cognac coloured August Sandgren box is an everyday tool for me. I touch it several times a day. When I get up and when I go to bed. It is where I store my wrist watches and sunnies.

Why did you choose August Sandgren above other alternative storage objects?
The precision of the craftsmanship, the proportions and the wonderful tactility of the leather is a daily joy. The tanned colour of the box gives warmth to my otherwise grey colour palette in the house.

What would you like to see from August Sandgren next?
There are several things I would love to own in an August Sandgren quality. A briefcase, a folder for all my loose sketches, bigger storage boxes and maybe even a leather shelving unit.

On the picture is Jonas’ personal box seen in good company with a pillow in fabric from Sahco and a vase we recently designed for the Portuguese craft brand Origin.