August Sandgren short-talk with Christine Pram

This weeks short-talk is with Christine Pram, insurance professional and model. Christine is a person we owe so much for her support and believe in us and who's style we can only adhere to match.  


What August Sandgren object do you have?

"I have a black leather box, medium I think, a grey leather box, size small AND with my initials on it :) and a notebook in grey suede".

What do you store in your box?
"I use the black box in the kitchen several times a day.... as you can see....:) I could not live without it. I use it for my everyday is the best and most beautiful way to hide it!

The grey one I have on my table next to my bed. Earplugs, sleeping mask, lip balm, hand cream, paper and a pen.... all those things that otherwise ends up just laying around. Before I had a little box made out of cardboard. It did not look very fancy and I kept on looking for another solution until I found August Sandgren 👌🏼✨

My notebook cover is my companion at work! I could not get through without a notebook and now it even looks nice. I love the fact that you can actually put all kinds of notebooks inside of the cover".

Why did you choose August Sandgren above other alternative storage objects?
"Timeless stile and quality! And on top of that ....easy to use".

What would you like to see from August Sandgren next?
"Oh, that’s a tough one. There are so many things I would love to own in August Sandgren quality! But maybe a deeper/higher box, a tiny wallet to just a credit card or 3 and some coins and an iPad cover (and maybe even in the same materials as the notebooks. What a kit ✨).

On the picture is Christine's black Bookbox medium taken as-it-is in her kitchen. Any mess inside our boxes is evidently more stylish and less disturbing when the lid is closed...that is the whole point!"