A Watchbox made with love for craftsmanship

August Sandgren and watch connoisseur Kristian Haagen have co-created two new Watchboxes. Created for the collector of exquisite wristwatches who appreciates artisanship, simplicity and quality.

Nothing is left to coincidence. Every detail of the collection is handheld. From the leather on the outside that resist the handling of the box and the delicate nubuck on the inside to embrace the softness and safety that represents the actual care taking of the watches, to the leather handle that makes The Watchbox possible to store in the safe or at the book shelf and to the closing mechanism that replaces the magnets, to ensure no interference with the mechanical movements in the watches.

This elegant solution is made in large (9 pieces) and in small (3 pieces) and aspires to match the exquisite pieces that it will hold, made with a true love for craftsmanship and the best materials available.

The large box holds 9 watches or less and is the perfect choice for storing in bank box or at the house. The smaller box holds 3 watches and is ideal for the everyday use – and for keeping the watches safe for travelling.

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