A Limited Edition made with Thomas Lykke, OEO Studio

In collaboration with two prominent Danish design personalities, August Sandgren has updated a number of our original objects with limited edition fabrics chosen by Thomas Lykke from OEO and Josefine A Hoffmeyer from File Under Pop. The exquisite objects seem almost unreal dressed in the extremely beautiful Hosoo and Dedar fabrics.

The limited edition storage objects come in limited numbers, and are available in Bookbox medium, Jewelbox large, Jewelbox small, and with surplus materials used for Keyrings.

The first Limited Edition collection to launch is by Thomas Lykke.

Thomas Lykke is Creative Director of OEO Studio, based in Copenhagen and Tokyo. With the Japanese connection in mind, Thomas has of course chosen fabrics – Starry and Sediment – from Hosoo, whose history goes back to 1688 and Kyoto's textile district. Today, Hosoo is widely recognized for their exceptional skills within Japanese three-dimensional weaving, and the result of the collaboration between August Sandgren and Thomas Lykke is unforgettable.

For August Sandgren, the collaboration with Thomas is an extraordinary example of the approach to partnerships, with everyone contributing different skills to create unique and sensational results. The idea that partnerships create great results has always been a core value for August Sandgren, and with the new limited editions, it's proven yet again.

Find the beautiful objects online now! Available in limited numbers.