Limited Edition textile Jewelbox - "Soft turquoise"


This version of the box is our Limited Edition Jewelbox. For our Limited Edition we purchase textiles we just cant help purchasing and make from it a very limited edition of our Bookbox, Jewelbox, Notebook and Keyring. Often we have a maximum of 10 units per textile and sometimes, like this one, we have even less i.e., two units in total. 

Dimensions: 19/16/4.5 cm (A6 in internal measures) 
Material: Designers Guild textile and aniline leather 
Colour: Exterior is a velvet and linen turquoise pattern and the interior has a soft turquoise frame and a sand coloured base
Production location: Handmade in Portugal
Logo placement: Discretely blind debossed inside the lid
Personalisation: It is not possible to deboss our textile boxes

The basic box is named ‘The Bookbox’ as it takes its origin from the beautiful old book-boxes, in which people would place their most valuable books to take extra good care of them. The design is simple, functional and long-lasting. 

The Jewelbox is the small version of the Bookbox with a ring inlay inside. The Bookbox was the first of August Sandgren’s aesthetic storage boxes. It is an iconic box with a design that dates back to August Sandgren himself, 100 years ago. The Bookbox is made in various sizes but the Jewelbox is the small size. The leather is aniline leather from Europe and the textile is from various global renowned textile designers e.g., Liberty of London, Dedar, Christian Lacroix, Designers Guild, etc. 

We added the ring inlay to the small Bookbox, because we love the idea of an alternative take on a Jewelbox. The Jewelbox is exquisite in quality but in comparison to more traditional jewel boxes it is very simple in look and feel – a true Danish design Jewelbox, made for the modern, cool yet feminine woman.

The Jewelbox is a perfect gift.


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Limited Edition textile Jewelbox - Limited Edition textile Jewelbox - Limited Edition textile Jewelbox - Limited Edition textile Jewelbox -