Leather Notebook - Dusty grey


The Notebook is our only venture away from boxes, but we did it because the book category is within our heritage and because we needed a notebook ourselves. The first notebooks were made from the left-over leather we had in stock and it gave us the idea to make notebooks both in our standard colours but also continue making them out of left-over leather from our and other production.

We therefore offer notebooks in our standard colours, but we also offer a left-over leather notebook which are always in natural colours and 100% aniline leather, but the specific colour changes depending on the left overs available. For the Notebook in standard colures the material selection and the colour combination are made together with the renowned Danish designer, Margrethe Odgaard. Margrethe designed the colour universe with inspiration in mineral rocks and each Notebook has one colour on the exterior and another colour on the interior. We can make bespoke colours for orders above 50 units.

The Notebook is made to last forever, once the paper is written out, you can simply change the paper. This way it becomes a sustainable alternative to one-time-use notebooks. The Notebook is sold with a paper notebook inside, but once that is used, you can replace it with almost any A5 paper notebook.

The Notebook is a perfect personal or corporate gift and it can be personalised with initials, name, monogram or logo.

Material: 100% aniline leather
Dimensions: One size (fit almost any A5 paper notebook)

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